• BDSM 101: Get out your notebooks for a crash-course on the basics of Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism. There will be a pop quiz!
  • Pony Play 101: Whether you want to join a herd or go it as a lone ranger, Superhorse will show you what you need to pony up!
  • Pony Play as Art: What do you think of when you see a picture of a horse galloping across a field? Probably that they’re majestic as fuck. But that’s the narrative we put on horses; the only way to learn a horse’s true narrative is to become one!
  • Tack Up! with Superhorse: There’s no wrong way to pony play! Superhorse built his one-of-a-kind tack on a student budget, and now he’s here to show you how to assemble your kit your way, from a few pieces of rope to a full-blown leather outfit.


  • Superhorse’s Beer & Pretzels: Play roleplaying games as they were meant to be played: slinging dice, swigging beer, and slaying goblins. Mom’s basement and vinyl copy of “Sad Wings of Destiny” not included.
  • The Dungeon Builder’s Apprentice: Dungeons aren’t just lines on a piece of graph paper, they are complex ecosystems. Bring your dungeons to life with this masterclass rooted in Gygaxian Naturalism, for grizzled grognards and doe-eyed dungeoneers alike!


  • Hitting Things in Dungeons: Forget fading to black! Learn how to implement sexual content in your tabletop roleplaying in ways that aren’t awkward, insensitive, or downright creepy.