Sunday, April 23, 2017

[KINK] Dungeons & Dice Photoshoot

I went to a photography night at Voodoo Leatherworks hosted by River Wilde with a mission: get some glamour shots for future Mr. Leather Colorado promotional materials. But in my haste, I forgot my “horse box.”
Both my D&D materials and my pony play gear are stored in identical boxes. There’s been a running joke in my game groups that I’m going to bring the wrong box one day and it’ll be a different kind of game night. So far, that hadn’t happened. But when I got to the dungeon and pulled off the lid expecting my bits and bridles, I instead got dice and Dungeon Master’s Guides.
Lucky for me, I run a blog about this sort of stuff. Broken Glass Photography – who runs his camera with the same finesse and passion that a sorcerer would his wand – took great care of me, pulling off shots neither of us thought were possible and polishing the diamonds in the rough.
I also took part in a couple of shots with some good friends, as a loyal collared servant to the deadly fierce Dahlia Vaughn, and as a loveable ponyboy to the bubbly, bombastic Pinky Moscato!
Here are those precious, precious gems for your viewing pleasure: